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TWOWEEKS’ potential and future partners in South Africa


TWOWEEKS is committed to working with deprived communities in South Africa and Peru. When we visit our partners we often observe associated local communities in need and no matter how much our valuable volunteers achieve, there is always a lot more to do. Therefore we are always looking at new potential partners including the following:


Primary school teaching opportunities – we have been asked to help assist with primary school teaching in local schools in South Africa, and have completed an initial needs assessment regarding this. Government schools can often be understaffed and under resourced, and there is great potential of volunteers to assist. Volunteers with a teaching background are especially welcome.


Johannesburg – we are keen to expand our South African coverage from KwaZulu-Natal where we currently work, to Gauteng province. This includes the prospect of working with two organisations in particular called Refilwe and the Ladies of Hope, who share our ethos of community working. There are many other valuable charities working in Gauteng with which we may work in the future. However, steps are taken slowly to ensure that both TWOWEEKS and our partners are not overstretched and that long term change can be effected.

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Partner projects are carefully reviewed to ensure they meet high standards in safety and to ensure they have high levels of care for their local populations. It is important that our partners have an ethos where local communities are placed at their core of their activities.


Due to constantly changing political, social and economic situations in the various countries and areas we work in TWOWEEKS reserves the rights to alter volunteer locations and personal projects if organisational needs change.

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