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Our volunteers are required to attend an introductory meeting, and usually four preparatory meetings before leaving the United Kingdom.  All meetings are currently held in central London. Volunteers who join trips to our partner projects become members of TWOWEEKS and contribute towards the cost of the trip.

Volunteers that have been accepted to join a trip overseas are  expected to assist for a minimum of two weeks. At the end of their time abroad, volunteers participate in a planned handover process to ensure that the next team or volunteer has up-to- date information on what has been done and what still needs to be accomplished. This ensures that we provide the best care and service for the people and partners we work with.


TWOWEEKS also requires people to assist in the UK and we need enthusiastic volunteers to join our core team. You can donate your skills and add value to our talented and dedicated team working here in the UK to support our work overseas. There are opportunities to get involved with a number of activities including:

  •  Events and Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Media and public relations
  • Administrative duties
  • Recruitment and volunteer liaison

Please get in touch if you wish to learn more.


Come to an introductory meeting!

Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more information about upcoming introductory sessions.


Marathon Complete!


We are delighted to say Sian completed her marathon run. It was a gruelling race but managed to do it in 5 hours 30 minutes. She has two very sore legs but she made it round!


An initial target of fundraising of £300 was quickly smashed through and so it grew to £600. Then £1000…£1200…£1500… and finally surpassed £1800.


This means with gift aid she has achieved an amazing £2241 so far! If anyone has yet to donate and wishes to do so, here is the link again




We are so grateful to Sian who has put in so many hours of training plus time spent travelling to London from Scotland for the run itself.


In addition to all the normal challenges of doing a marathon, there was one more unique obstacle to tackle: Sian is registered blind due to a rare eye condition. She has some central vision but no peripheral vision at all and despite this was fearless in running a track she hadn’t even done, in one of the busiest races in the world.


You might ask why we didn’t mention this before? There was always a small fear she wouldn’t be allowed to race (or at least race without an official guide runner alongside her) if we made a big deal of it. So we kept the information back til after the race was complete. Sian’s example shows that if you put you are motivated and determined you can overcome great obstacles if you just keep moving forward!


From the TWOWEEKS team – Well done Sian. You did us proud!!!