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Karen Patten


Email:  [email protected]

Dr Karen Patten in a London based GP and is passionate about volunteering. Dr Patten is the chairperson and began TWOWEEKS with the first trip in 2005 and officially founded TWOWEEKS in 2008. She has watched many of the children that have lived at the orphanages we partner with grow into adulthood. She is a keen photographer and has enjoyed documenting the journey TWOWEEKS has had with the many wonderful people and organisations we have worked with since we started trips in 2005.


Patricia Rijsenburg


Email:  [email protected]

Dr Patricia Rijsenburg is a general practitioner based in East London. She is a partner in a training practice with an interest in teaching and training and supervises 5th year medical students to provide an insight into general practice as a specialty. She went to medical school in Belgium and completed her GP training in London. She is the treasurer for TWOWEEKS. Patricia first volunteered with TWOWEEKS in 2006 and has been involved with the development of the charity’s activities since this time and developing relationships with our partners overseas and helping to prepare volunteers going to work overseas.


Samina Shah


Email:  [email protected]

Dr Samina Shah is a GP who lives and works in a London and is the secretary for TWOWEEKS. She has a special interest in education and is a trainer for doctors wanting to become general practitioners.

Dr Shah first volunteered with TWOWEEKS in 2006 and has helped develop many of the programmes and activities that TWOWEEKS has undertaken in the UK and overseas. She has volunteered in both South Africa and Peru and enjoys sampling the local cuisine when abroad – her particular favourite is the traditional South African malva pudding.

Ceri medio

Ceri Pritchard


Email:  [email protected]

Dr Ceri Pritchard is a London-based GP who has previously also worked as a South African hospital doctor. She is a trustee for TWOWEEKS and has been going to South Africa with TWOWEEKS each year since her first trip in 2012 and also volunteered in Peru.

Dr Pritchard has also made a contribution in humanitarian crises and undertaken medical work in several other countries including Greece, Sierra Leone and the Gambia. She enjoys working in a variety of healthcare settings and cultures, and loves nature, so especially enjoys visiting a game park on precious days off.

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Hannah Ranken


Email:   [email protected]

Hannah works in the events industry in London and first volunteered with TWOWEEKS in 2013 when she assisted at Lily of the Valley and iKhethelo orphanages in South Africa. There she worked with the teachers in the special needs classes established at Lily of the Valley. She put together and arts and crafts programme during her six weeks there. The children were able to get involved in drawing, painting and solar system papier mache.

Hannah uses her photography skills for TWOWEEKS social media content and marketing material. She also supports with the UK based introductory meetings helping set up and taking questions where needed.


Maria Herreros


Email: [email protected]

Maria, who is originally from Spain, works as a Project Manager and first volunteered with TWOWEEKS in 2015 when she joined the core team to assist with our UK operations. Maria later went on to volunteer in South Africa and assisted at the iKhethelo children’s village, The White House and the Denis Hurley Centre in 2016. After this amazing experience she decided to volunteer with SKIP, our former partner in Peru, in 2017. This involved interpreting for the doctors who performed head to toe health checks. Maria has worked to develop our new website amidst a number of other important tasks. She has also partnered with a graphic designer to develop a selection of TWOWEEKS Christmas cards and has undertaken fundraising activities including running a half marathon to raise funds for TWOWEEKS.


Elliot Bourne


Email:  [email protected]

Elliott Bourne lives and works in London as client account manager for an investment back. He first volunteered with TWOWEEKS in 2015 where he volunteered in South Africa and assisted at the iKhethelo children’s home. There he worked with the volunteers and long term staff with the day-to-day running of the orphanage, assisting with activities like teaching, homework club, engaging in sporting activities and helping with the mentoring program for the older children living there. Elliott also worked with the 1000 Hills Helpers assisting in classes with reading , taking out food parcels into the local community and working in their computer and information technology classes providing training for people living in the local township.

Elliott is a part of the core team and has undertaken fundraising activities, including running a half marathon for TWOWEEKS.

holly at whitehouse.pic

Holly Hayward


Email:   [email protected]

Dr Holly Chouhan lives and works in Brighton as a trainee general practitioner and has a special interest in gynaecology and family planning.  Holly first volunteered with TWOWEEKS in 2015 when she volunteered in South Africa and assisted at the iKhethelo children’s home. Holly was one of the first volunteers to assist with a care home and was instrumental with her friend and colleague in developing systems there to improve the care of patients living there.

Holly joined the TWOWEEKS core team in 2016 on her return and has assisted with many of our UK operations relating to volunteer training and preparation and management of some of our information IT systems.


Kesiena Uzoh


Email: [email protected]

Kes works as Delivery Manager in London where he is responsible for areas such as IT Application Support, Operations and IT Training. Kes manages the IT needs of TWOWEEKS and is currently working on the development of the new website.

“I met Karen and Patricia a couple of years before TWOWEEKS began. I was aware of what they were trying to do and have always been keen to support people, especially friends who were working for the greater good for those less privileged than ourselves. It has been an amazing story and I am very proud of the work they have done and how the team has grown and evolved”. Kes loves the creative word and has written as well as performed a few of his own poems at Open Mic events in the past.